8 Things You Should Know Before Flying With your Dog

Going on a trip with your dog to another city is not easy. There are many things you should be prepared for if you are flying with your dog. Here are some tips you should consider.

Size of the dog

The size of your dog must be just right to fit him under the seat of the airplane. The airlines have very strict regulations regarding the size of the pet carriers. Your dog must weigh 15 pounds of less to fit under the seat.

Your dog must be well trained

Some airlines require that your dog must be well trained so that they don’t suffer from any kind of anxiety during the flight. If you think your dog may be frightened to fly, then it’s better to arrange a pet sitter for him and leave him in your house or at a boarding place.

Pack the necessary things

You should make sure that you carry enough food, toys, etc. so that your dog can survive for a few days. You should bring non-spill water carrier. You should bring bone or toys to keep your dog occupied during the flight.

Reserve a place for your dog in advance

Most airlines allow only limited number of dogs to fly in-cabin. So, you should book space for your dog in advance. You might have to pay extra fees for taking your dog inside the cabin.

Get health certificate from the vet

Some airlines specifically mention that your dog must have a health certificate. But if the airline you are traveling with doesn’t say so, it is wise to take a health certificate from the vet anyway. The health certificate is a proof that your pet is in good health condition and won’t cause any harm to others.

Limit water intake

You should make sure that you don’t give the dog too much water to drink. Otherwise, he will create a problem during the flight. You should also ensure that the dog doesn’t suffer from dehydration.

Be prepared that your dog will go through security check

The dog will go through security check along with you. The dog carrier has to go through the conveyor belt for a security check as well.

Use of sedative should be the last resort

If the dog is nervous and there is a chance that he might become anxious, then only you should give him a sedative. You should take the advice from a veterinarian. You should use sedatives with caution as they might cause breathing and other problems.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to have a comfortable and safe journey with your pet. You will have a wonderful experience going to a new place with your pet.

Top 4 Benefits of Professional Pet Sitting Service

If you have to leave your town for work or vacation or have to work long hours, you will need someone to look after your pet. Pet sitting services are very helpful in this regard. Here are some benefits of professional pet sitting service.

Less stressful for the pet

Hiring a pet sitter means your pet gets to stay in the comfortable zone of your house. There won’t be any change in the surrounding, so the pet will feel safe. Your pet will be pampered even when you won’t be there.

Daily routine is not interrupted

With pet sitters, the daily routine of your pet won’t be interrupted. So, it is good for them and they will stay in a good mood, without feeling stress or anxiety. You will find your pet in a happy mode when you come home and you won’t have to deal with any negative changes in behavior.

No need to take pet along during travel

Pets usually get traumatized during travel. If you hire a pet sitter, you can leave your pet at your home and save the pet from the stressful experience of traveling to a new place. So, a pet sitter is a good option.

Gives you peace of mind

A professional pet sitter can give you the peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands. You will know that there is someone professional to take care of your pet and he or she will take the right decision about your pet while you are gone.

So, next time when you feel the need of someone to take care of your pet, call a local pet sitter service. You will have plenty of options available and you would be able to choose the best pet sitter for your pet.

5 Tips for Setting Up a Pet Sitting Business in Your Community

If you love pets and understand them well, you can think of setting up a pet sitting business in your community. It doesn’t take much to start your own business and earn some money. Here are some tips for you.

Do market research

You should do market research to gain a good insight into the business. You should find out about the demand for pet sitting service in your community and how many such providers are there. This will give you an idea about the competition and you can try to be different than the others. You should know about their prices as well so that you can set up a competitive price for your business to stay in the competition.

Join a trade association

You should join trade associations like National Association of Pet Sitters. This will give you credibility and you will get recognized as a good pet sitter. Being part of the association can help you in many ways.

Get required qualifications

You should obtain as many pet related certifications as possible. These include pet training courses, First Aid course, medication course, etc. You should get good advice from vets as well.

Provide one-to-one care

You can provide dog walking service on a one-to-one basis instead of taking them in groups. This will set you apart from the rest and you can take better care of the dogs.

Respond promptly

You should respond to any inquiry promptly. Try to help your clients and provide them with alternative solutions so that they can choose what suits them best.

You should try to build a good relationship with the pet. By doing so you can give the pet owners the peace of mind that their pets will be well looked after. You should try to understand the behavioral nature of the pet and try to cope up with him. You should keep these simple tips in mind to set up a pet sitting business.